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With fourteen years of industrial and professional experience, Ningbo Pneumatic Technical Experts Co., LTD has earned trust and commitment from over 1.4 million customers throughout the world. With annual production output surpassing 250 million units we have become a major manufacturer of pneumatic fittings in the world. NBPT is located in Changhe Town Industrial Zone, Cixi City on the South Bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. Established in 2006, NBPT facility covers an area of 20000 square meters with a very modern opened in 2019 production and office facility exceeding 18000 square meters.

A Sino-Korean industrial joint venture we implement the latest achievements in research and development, in manufacturing, process control and international trade for  maximum benefit to our valued customers. 

Our team of highly experienced team of engineers and technicians adopts, improves and implement latest advanced technologies and innovations in materials, design and production process. Through our own research, design, testing, and development every year we launched dozens of new products and patents in the field of pneumatic fittings, valve fittings, check valves, safety valves and many more. Our products are widely used in industrial machinery, firefighting equipment, chemical industry, power equipment, transportation, household applications and hobbies and are exported to numerous countries throughout the world. Our markets include China, Russia, South East Asia, North America, South America, European Union, Middle East and Africa. 

We have adopted a complete and effective product assurance and quality guarantee protocol. NBPT has been certified ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management Verification System, 5S Management Mode and Advanced Computerized Detection System. Until 2019 we have obtained over 30 patents and certificates . As a valued and trustworthy enterprise, we have been awarded many recognition and honors from the government and our loyal customers. Since the establishment of NBPT we have been actively and very successfully participating in industrial and professional level exhibitions at PTC Shanghai, Hannover Messe, Turkey Industrial Exhibition and many, many more. Professionalism and strive for perfection have earned us honors, recognition and appreciation from customers and organizers at home and abroad.  

We deeply value and cherish every communication opportunity with our customers current and new, Our goal is to pursue product and service perfection at every level. We are committed to maintain and constantly improve a solid based sustainable company that meet and EXCEED customer expectations for years to come.